Pro4est - Protest 4 Forest

Designing fot Mobile Experiences
Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design Summer School
July 2019

Mobile Application


The assignment was based on the 15th Sustainable Development Goals: Life on Land and specifically we were to focus on forests. Group brainstorming aimed at solutions that focused on deforestation, reforestation and awareness for preserving forests. The real challenge for me was admitting that I had never really been in a forest, except through Google Maps. I had no idea how to "save" it. From there I thought: You can't destroy something that people enjoy and respect. Thus was born Pro4est (literally Protest 4 Forest) is a camping app that allows all nature lovers and advocates to discover the world's forests and experience them by showcasing camping events, each environmentally oriented, in an engaging and educational way. My lesson comes from day one and my "first how might we" was completely out of focus. I learned to broaden my vision and tackle a topic that I thought didn't belong to me.

Tools used:

  • Sketch
  • Adobe Xd



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